Light-Ventures: Ocala National Forest, Customer Feature and More

Light-Ventures: Ocala National Forest, Customer Feature and More

August 06, 2020

"Roads were made for journeys, not destinations."

- Confucius


Vehicle: 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road

Instagram Handle: @jkriegs.13

Rig Nickname: Big Tex. I'm a proud Texan!

How'd You Get Into Overlanding? I grew up riding dirt bikes and wheeling in custom rigs. I have always had a passion for modifying my vehicles and going camping so I naturally felt at home in this community.

Favorite Cali Raised LED Product: Hands down I use my Tri-Color Fog Lights the most. I do a lot of driving at night and those help tremendously with visibility. However, my favorite product has to be the Premium Roof Rack. I love being able to throw all my gear in my cases and have it stored out of the way.

Bucket List Trails: Anything in the canyons of Arizona! I have a lot of friends along the way so that would be a fun road trip to make one day. I'd also like to visit Moab, but probably won't make it happen until 2021. By the end of the year I would like to hit some sand dunes or do more out of state camping.

What has been your favorite trip you’ve ever gone on with your rig?I took a trip to Hidden falls and made a road trip around the hill country in Texas. It was over a three day weekend so nothing crazy but was still nice to explore a bit. The rock sliders were definitely an important product to have on the trip. 


Utilize unused space in your rig with our new Toyota Tacoma Center Console MOLLE Panels. The pair of panels are laser cut and formed from 12 gauge American-made steel to add a new look to your interior while providing more space to store your personal items. 


Location: 52 miles outside Orlando, FL

Terrain: Sand, Forest, Mud

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Ocala National Forest is Florida's second largest National Forest boasting 600 lakes, rivers and springs and the world's largest contiguous sand pine scrub forest. Drivers can expect trails to feature Florida's sugar sand, lush vegetation and can enjoy swimming in Juniper Springs.

To help navigate your way around Ocala National Forest check out Gaia GPS, the best outdoor GPS app for off-roading, overlanding and camping. The app has a free and paid version, both offering maps from around the world to help plan your next trip. If you use our link below to purchase a premium paid membership you can receive 20% to 50% off.

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