Lighting, Light Bars & Kits

With a lifespans of more than 50,000 hours, this may be the last LED light bar or lighting kit you’ll ever need. Our range of lighting mounts, kits and bars are durable, providing you with an unparalleled level of brightness to illuminate a massive field of view. Providing light and protection when taking on the adventure of off-roading. Don’t shy away from the night.


All of our light bars and pods come with a DT connector for easy plug and play installations. Simplicity is key - why make it trickier than it has to be?


Not only is the waterproof rating high, but our lights come with a GORE Pressure Equalizing Vent to help reduce the effects of water and moisture.


Our lights start at 6000 lumens for our smallest light to 50,000 lumens to the largest LED. You'll never be in the dark again.