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Low Profile Ditch Light Brackets Kit Fits 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma
Low Profile LED Ditch Light Brackets Kit Fits 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma Low Profile LED Ditch Light Brackets Kit Fits 2010-2024 Toyota 4Runner

Ditch Light Combos 12

Starting from $143.99 Shop Collection
Stealth Bumper Fits 2016-2023 Tacoma
Stealth Bumper Fits 2014-2024 4Runner Toyota 4Runner (2014-2024) Hi-Lite Overland Front Bumper [Bull Bar]

Bumpers 8

Starting from $89.99 Shop Collection
Bed Accessory Mount Fits 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma
Bed Channel Supports and Stiffeners Fits 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Bed Accessory Mount Fits 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma

Bed Accessories/MOLLE 26

Starting from $29.66 Shop Collection

Trail Edition Rock Sliders Fits 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma
Step Edition Rock Slider Fits 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Step Edition Bolt On Rock Sliders FIts 2010-2024 Toyota 4Runner

Rock Sliders 10

Starting from $800.99 Shop Collection
Interior Rear Molle Panel Fits 2010-2024 4Runner
CENTER CONSOLE MOLLE PANELS Fits 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Rear Molle Overhead Tray Fits 2010-2024 4Runner

Interior MOLLE 7

Starting from $107.99 Shop Collection
MOLLE Ladder Fits 2010-2024 Toyota 4Runner
T4R 5th Gen Exterior Window Molle Panel Fits Toyota 4Runner 2010-2024 BED MOLLE SYSTEM For 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma

Exterior MOLLE 16

Starting from $31.49 Shop Collection

Premium Roof Rack Fits 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma
Economy Roof Rack Fits 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Premium Roof Rack Fits 2010-2024 Toyota 4Runner

Roof Racks 8

Starting from $53.99 Shop Collection
Complete Skid Plate Collection For 2014-2024 4Runner
Front Skid Plate Fits 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Fuel Tank Skid Plate Fits 2014-2024 4Runner

Skid Plates and Body Armor 17

Starting from $143.99 Shop Collection
Catalytic Converter Shield Fits 2016 - 2024 Toyota Tacoma
Catalytic Converter Shield Fits 2010-2024 4Runner Catalytic Converter Shield Fits 22+ Toyota Tundra

Catalytic Converter Shield 3

Starting from $170.99 Shop Collection

Off-Roading Accessories

Finding the perfect off-roading accessories is complex. At Cali Raised LED, we make it straightforward, with the best vehicle-specific solutions to get you equipped for adventure, as experienced four-wheelers never venture off-road without being prepared.

Superior Design

Sleek and sophisticated are the primary principles when it comes to design. When it comes to function, we strive to make everything 100% bolt-on or with the fewest modifications necessary.

Premium Quality

As disruptors, we change the name of the game by designing and manufacturing all of our own trail armor, roof, and bed racks in the USA. You never have to compromised with Cali Raised LED

Fair Pricing

We've developed Economy and Premium versions to provie a solution for everyone. No matter the budget, we aim to keep our products affordable while never compromising on quality.