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Overland Bed Rack Install Instructions

December 14, 2018


Pre Install Notes:

This rack is extremely strong. Therefore everything fits together very tightly. A mallet may be needed during install to get pieces to seat in position and line up properly. Some of the parts are heavy and it is much easier to have a friend assist you when assembling the pieces of the rack

Foot and Arm

 - The first step is assembling the foot/base. Each foot attaches to the vehicle with:

(1) ⅜”x1” Bolt

(1) ⅜” Flat Washers

(1) Bed T Slot Nut

- Install the feet in the 4 corners of the bed. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE BOLTS, leave them loose so they can be moved if needed.

- After the feet are attached to the truck you can add the arm to the feet. The Arms attach to the feet with

(4) ⅜” X 1” Bolt

(8) ⅜” Flat Washers

(4) ⅜” Nylocks Nuts

- Put the arm onto the foot and install the 4 bolts in the order listed below. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE BOLTS, leave them loose so they can be moved if needed.

 Bolt -> Washer -> Through arm and foot -> Washer -> Nut

 Crossbar and top bar support assembly

- Now that the feet are attached to the vehicle and the arms are attached to the feet you can now begin installing the aluminum crossbars and top mount piece. When installing the crossbars and mounting pieces you will be using your t-slot hardware.

- Slide the t-slot nuts into the rail system. You will need to install a total of 12 t-nuts into the rail. The rail has one channel on each side, two on top and two on bottom. Slide 4 t-slot nuts into each side channel, two on one side, two on the other side. Do this on both sides. On the top two channel rail, you will need to slide 4 nuts into one side of the channel. They need to be on the side that points into the bed. Please see the diagram below.

- Once the t-slot nuts are installed, you will raise the rail into position. This is best done with a helping hand, as it is hard to raise into position and not have the t-slots slide out.

- With a helping hand, raise the rail up at the same time. The rail needs to be raised into position from underneath the arm and push up into the arm tabs. Once in position put a bolt with a washer into the hole and loosely tighten it to hold the rail up. Once both sides are up, install the remaining bolts with washers into the arms. There will be 4 t-nuts on the top of the rail, those will be used later. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE BOLTS, leave them loose so they can be moved if needed.

Installation of side panels

 - Now that the rail is in place, you need to install the side panels. Using the following hardware, install the side panels to the rack. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE BOLTS, leave them loose so they can be moved if needed.

(4) 5/16”x3/4” Bolt

(8) 5/16” Flat Washers

(4) 5/16” Nylocks Nuts

- They go in the following order

Bolt -> Washer -> Side panel and arm -> Washer -> Nut

- Next are the top panels. Place these on top of the rack. Using the remaining t-slot hardware, put the bolts with washers into the top panels and screw them into the t-slot nuts. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE BOLTS, leave them loose so they can be moved if needed.

Final install notes:

- Once everything is assembled it is time to tighten the rack down. Using the built in adjustment make sure everything is lined up and straight.

- Starting with the rail hardware, tighten the 4 bolts on the top of each arm into the rail t-slot nuts.

- Next move the top panels into the desired position and tighten the bolts into the t-slot nuts.

- Then move to the side panel hardware, with a helping hand hold the side panel in the desired position, and tighten the nuts and bolts.

- After that is the arms to the feet, tighten the bolts and nuts.

- Lastly move the bed rack forward or back to the desired position, and tighten the bolts to the bed rails.

- After your first offroad trip or first 200 on road miles check bolts to make sure everything seated properly and is tight.