Long Canyon, Moab Utah

Another scenic route from Moab to Canyonlands

Moab is the land of plenty when it comes to off-roading and Overlanding opportunities. The iconic red rocks shooting up from the ground and famous arches make the landscape breathtaking no matter how many times you visit. There are little hidden gems like this month's trail that make exploring the lesser-known routes a lot of fun - sometimes you have to work a little harder to escape the crowds. Obviously, we want you to share this trail with your friends, but feel free to keep it on the down-low too, so maybe this trail will stay hidden a little longer.

Our trail leader this month is our very own @tav4rnr, a Texas native, videographer, and photographer overlanding enthusiast with 36,000 or so miles under his belt, he's got miles to go before he sleeps. Let's get to Long Canyon Trail and learn a little more about what it's like to ride this trail.

Name of the trail:
Long Canyon Trail

Moab Utah

Grid Coordinates:
38.54647, -109.64808

15 miles

Best time of year to go:

Key Features:
Pucker Pass, gorgeous views, OHV park at the top

Gain 2250


Grid Coordinates:
38.54647, -109.64808

Tire Pressure Advice:

Rig requirements: (Example, must be 4x4 with lift kit, or standard 4x4):
4x4 Stock heights can do this trail

Source: AllTrails: "Discover this 15.00 mile, out and back trail near Moab, Utah. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 7 h 34 min to complete. This is a popular trail for hiking, mountain biking, and off-road driving, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of the day. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. Dogs are welcome and may be off-leash in some areas."

About the Ride:
Tell us about your favorite part of this trail and what time of year did you go?
The best part of Long Canyon is going under the rock arch and the OHV park at the top of the
mountain. We visit in January and it was icy on the switchbacks which made all of the trails in. Moab is just a little sketchier.

Tell us about the trip in general, did you have any scary moments?
This was our first trip with the 4Runner and it was all about safely testing its abilities. Luckily we
didn't have too many scary moments other than having to turn around on Gemini Bridges due to
icy roads at about 6,000 elevation on the edge of a cliff.

What was the coolest moment?

Honestly, Moab has so many trails full of technical driving, but the coolest part has to be how
stunning Moab truly is. Every direction you look is a postcard just waiting to be shared

Was there any gear you gained a new appreciation for based on this trip?
Aftermarket Skidplates and Rock sliders! I had just installed my Cali Raised rock sliders before
this trip and they proved to be vital on more than one occasion.

Would you ever go back?
In a heartbeat, I have only touched the surface of what Moab has to offer and I'd love to go back
with a crew maybe when it isn't so frozen.

What makes this a difficult or easy trail?

It is a pretty easy trail you can get to from either entrance off the main road, what makes it difficult
is the weather. This was my second time doing Long Canyon, my first experience was in a
Subaru Crosstrek and the rain had washed out the rock arch. It required a helping hand from a
JK with a winch, this time the 4runner handled it without a problem even with icy switchbacks.

What keeps you Overlanding and off-roading?
The adventure, being able to go wherever whenever and be prepared for all the situations it brings.

What’s your dream trail and why?
Great question, Maybe black bear pass, it has all the features you could want in a trail with
waterfalls and gorgeous views.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into Overlanding and off-roading?

I am a freelance Photographer/Videographer based in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. My roommate
got me into Overlanding in late 2020, He has a Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk that he would take
literally anywhere after a few rides with him, and seeing his adventures I was sold! I had to get
my own rig. That brings us to today where I have put around 36,000 miles in a year on and off
roads in the US.


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