Small Style Toyota OEM Style "DITCH LIGHTS" Switch

Ready to upgrade your switch? Our OEM switches are made to fit your factory openings for a clean OEM look and feel. Combined with our Perma-Seal connector, sold separately, this allows for a safe and easy installation, no matter your 12V wiring experience.  For an OEM look and feel, connect to one of our single or dual-leg harnesses. 

For this "DITCH LIGHT" Switch, connect these to one of our single or dual legs harnesses to get the OEM look and fit. Combine all these great features with our two-year warranty on all vehicle lighting and accessories so you can drive into the darkness and ignite the night.

These switches are made out of heavy-duty ABS plastic and come in matte black - the same color as standard OEM Switches.  All symbols are laser etched directly onto the switch face.


  • Easy installation, modifications required. You will need to make the electrical connections. *Watch the how-to install OEM switch video for more details. 
  • Compatibility with ANY LED wiring harness, best paired with Cali Raised LED wiring harness, sold separately. 
  • Made to fit existing factory openings.
  • Laser-etched symbols. 


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    Important Info


    Small switches will fit the following models:

    Toyota 4Runner 2010-Current
    Toyota Tundra 2014-Current
    Toyota Tacoma 2005-Current *Functions as an optional, Tacoma houses both tall and small options.


    2-year warranty on all products.

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