Position Adjustable Valve with M12-1.25

The new Fumoto® SX-series can be rotated 360° when it is installed, allowing you to choose the position and the oil flow direction for a smaller profile and easier access for maximum protection and further convenience oil drainage. Furthermore, the new SX also eliminates the need of an adapter for most of the recessed oil drain pans, which previously prevented a valve from being properly tightened and required the adapter. SX-series valves also have newly designed ergonomic levers which make them easier to operate, even in tight spaces.


  • The banjo-bolt installation allows more control of the valve position.
  • No more adapters for oil pans with recessions and obstructions.
  • New ergonomic lever for easier valve operation even in tight spaces.
  • The valves come with a short nipple to attach a hose.
  • The lever clips provide additional security to the valves.
  • All the valves are manufactured by our affiliated ISO-certified factory in Japan and leak-tested prior to being shipped.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty for the item(s) purchased from Fumoto or our authorized sellers in the US or Canada.
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