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Injection Fob (5th Gen 4Runner) AJT Design


The Injection Fob is a two piece plastic case that replaces the factory case that comes with the vehicle. For 5th Gen 4Runners without push button start, and other Toyota applications. Injection molded of high strength and impact resistant ABS plastic (black is PC-ABS). Instead of an annular snap fit, this design bolts together with socket head cap screws for a more rugged and straightforward approach. Assembly requires 7/64" allen key (included). Made in USA.


Existing key blade, electronics, battery, transponder chip are reused (not included with purchase) and packaged into the new case, no reprogramming. Re cutting a key is not necessary, however the OEM case must be destroyed to extract the key, as the key is molded into it. In most cases the key will pull out easily, though in some instances it must be cut out. If it is desired to retain the original case/key, an additional OEM shell/key only may be purchased and that key can be cut. Alternatively, the integrated key blade may be discarded altogether and a separate key can be used. This method requires the use of the OEM valet key or purchase of a Toyota key with the G chip (Toyota P/N 89785-08040), this key must be cut and reprogrammed at the dealer or locksmith. In some cases the transponder is easily removed, though in most cases it will be glued and require cutting the case and/or heat for removal, this can be somewhat difficult. If care is not used during removal, the transponder may become damaged and stop working (fob/key will not start vehicle).

Does not have TRD logo.

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