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Brite Box Anytime - Fog Light and High Beam Mod

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The Brite Box™️ is a self-contained device that greatly contributes to driving safety on dark roads by improving both the output and coverage of standard vehicle headlights.

All vehicles have two distinct beam patterns:

  • Low beam for close-range illumination
  • High beam for long-range illumination

In most vehicles, when the high beams are activated low beams shut off. The resulting choice of "near" vs "far" illumination compromises safety and comfort because, at maximum, only 54% of the vehicle's lighting potential is being used at any given time. Installing brighter headlight bulbs does little to help because the coverage of the headlights is still compromised. Additionally, if your vehicle has factory fog lights, they too shut off when high beams are engaged. How does one solve the problem?

  • The Brite Box illuminates the low beams and/or fog lights with Fog Light Control, Fogster, or Anytime models when the high beams are activated which allows up to 100% of the lighting potential of the vehicle to be utilized. 
  • Brite Box provides an even carpet of light that stretches from near to far. Safety and comfort are improved because the driver can now see a larger portion of the road.
  • With Brite Box, you can enjoy the benefits of this improved beam pattern, automatically, without placing any additional loads on the vehicle's stock headlight switches or wiring.
  • The safety benefits and circuitry of Brite Box have been proven in millions of miles of over-the-road testing and are used by law enforcement and transportation companies. 
  • Brite Box features easy plug-in installation and can usually be installed in 30 minutes or less.

Designed for safer night time driving. Perfect for dark roads, off-road, and rural areas!

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Before Brite Box
After Brite Box Anytime
Kit Includes
Mounting options
Switch Options (Required for Anytime™️ models)
Instruction for Install
  • Our Brite Box Fogster for the 2020 Toyota Tacoma currently only works with halogen bulbs from the factory.
  • The Brite Box, Bulbzilla Kits, and Heavy Duty Relay & Wiring Harnesses can be used together and with most LED and HID headlight bulbs as long as the headlight bulbs utilized are the same “style” as the factory bulbs (H4, H9, H11, etc).
  • It can also be used with aftermarket headlights as long as the aftermarket headlights plug directly into your factory harness.
  • This is not a Cali Raised LED manufactured product, this is from a 3rd Party distributor.
  • This product will be shipped directly from them.
  • This product is also subject to the Refunds and Returns policy for third-party products and/or partner products.
  • Low beams/fog lights shut OFF when high beams are on.
  • Gain FULL CONTROL of your fog lights.
  • Works with or without high beams

After Brite Box Anytime is installed your lights will function as follows:

  • Low Beams Only - Only Low Beams will be on
  • Fog Lights Only - Only Fog Lights will be on
  • Low Beams & Fogs - Only Low Beams & Fogs will be on
  • High Beams - Normally fog lights will turn off, but when using The Brite Box Anytime you can have full control of your fog lights and turn your fog lights on or off using your choice of switch. If low beams stay on with high beams by default from the factory, those will remain on.
  • Brite Box
  • Wire ties
  • Fuses
  • Alcohol Pads to clean the surface when using applied double stick tape.
  • Double-stick Tape or Supplied Mounting Screws.

With Switch (Available options):

  • Red LED
  • Blue LED

OEM Push Switch (Available options) :

  • Zombie Lights
  • Off-Road Lights
  • Fog Lights

Finish installation in 30 minutes or less with model-specific step-by-step instructions.

  • The Brite Box is installed underneath the hood.
  • You'll have to find a location to mount Brite Box.
  • Make sure the car's fog light plug can reach the female plug of Brite Box and that Brite Box's male plug can reach the fog light bulb.
  • The positive red wire (with attached fuse holder) of the Brite Box must also be able to reach a positive (+) battery cable.


  • Works with stock fog lights.
  • Plug and Play.
  • No wire cutting!