Base Switch Panel for 3 Small Switches No Cut Fits 2016 - 2023 Tacoma (Double Cab)

The Left Base switch panel fits the 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma allowing for the modular addition of switches while maintaining an original-like look in your vehicle. This panel has the following switch openings:

Bottom: Bed light rocker toggle, 3 - Small style switches. (Note: the rear window switch will also fit in the lower center position as an alternative option as shown).

Top: Modular insert opening for VEHICLE ACCESSORY 8 SWITCH CONTROL SYSTEM (BLUE BACKLIGHTING) or modular insert options.

The No Cut Base Switch Panel kit also includes 1 trim removal tool for easy installation. Also unique to this design no trimming is required behind the dash to fit this panel. No other aftermarket stocked-to-order panel on the market accommodates this making it a unique value for the buyer who doesn’t want to do anything that can’t be undone.

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Base Switch Panel (Only) W/ Modular Insert For 4 Small Switches W/ Modular Insert For 4 Tall Switches W/ Modular Insert For 3 Small Switches W/ Modular Insert For 3 Tall Switches
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