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MAP Agreement


Cali Raised LED has implemented a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy.  In an effort to keep our brand successful with all dealers and distributors, effective immediately we have set a Minimum Retail Price and Advertising Policy (MRP) for all products. This will provide all resellers to remain competitive in the marketplace and not allow any undercutting of products. This mutual policy for dealers will allow the ability to apply all resources given by Cali Raised LED to educate and show the value and service to ensure a mutual success for all parties. 

 Please see below for the terms of the Cali Raised LED MAP Policy:

  1. All resellers who are selling Cali Raised LED products will be required to comply with the MAP Policy. 
  2. All pricing will be provided through an authorized dealer pricing sheet or displayed only on
  3.  The MAP Policy applies to all advertisements on Cali Raised LED products in any and all media, e-commerce ,  email newsletters , flyers and in store advertisements. 
  4. If a dealer or distributor is seeking to offer any type of discount or promotion. You must reach out to your dealer rep for authorization on products and discount and time frame. 
  5. Cali Raised LED does reserve the right to change  MAP Pricing and will provide a written email with the notification.  Dealers and distributors have 96 Hours before, the price change is effective. 
  6. If the  MAP Policy is broken, Cali Raised LED will discuss a violation that will be applied to the account. Which can result in termination of an account or a 30 day suspension on the account. 

This MAP policy will be monitored and enforced by Cali Raised LED. Thank you!