Naches Trail, Washington

Naches Trail

Naches Trail is a 12.26-mile long trail from Western Washington over the Naches Pass into Eastern Washington and follows a wagon trail used by settlers in the mid-1800s. The route navigates through deep dark forests up to high mountain meadows with beautiful views of surrounding valleys, canyons, and views of Mt. Rainier. There are multiple creek crossings, but most crossings that might cause trail damage are protected by several wooden bridges.


Joining us this month to tell us about their trip to Naches Trail, @satx_taco took his Tacoma through to this trail and shared their story with us.

How'd You Get Into Overlanding?

How'd You Get Into Overlanding? I am fairly new to the off-road and Overlanding scene. This is my very first taco but I've always admired the durability and ruggedness of all generations. A whole new world of adventuring opened up for me.

Current Cali Raised LED Products.

I currently have the 40" Cut-Out Prinsu Roof Rack Light Bar, Ditch Lights, Amber Fog Lights, 20" Lower Bumper Light Bar and the Trail Edition Rock Sliders.

Any upcoming trips planned?

I have no big trips planned at this time. I usually visit well-known Texas off-road parks and kick up some sand along the Texas coast. In the future I want to visit all the iconic parks in the US - like Moab, Big Bear, Zion and get lost in the Colorado Mountains.

Until next time! At Cali Raised LED, we not only want to encourage riders to try something new, (with all the proper precautions of course!) but also to not be too shy when it comes to checking out trails that they may not have thought possible. It's in our very slogan, "Rise Up and Seek Adventure." We really mean it.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

If you haven't figured it out yet, we've been featuring a trail or national park or other must see location each month of the year, and sometimes we are lucky enough to find other off-roaders who have been there. They are kind enough to share their experience and their expertise. Want to be featured? Have a trail you think we should feature? Submit your photos and story to to be considered!

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  • Cali raised sliders are the best. I’m saving money to get one.

    Shade 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Love the dual raptor lights!

    Zach Schultz 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Awesome!

    Jesse Ochoa 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • That’s a good looking Tacoma, hopefully mine will be as good, if not better.

    Victor phorn 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Love my new LEDs!

    Eric Westrom 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Love using Gaia

    Dan Nguyen 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • That’s a good lookin rig

    Christian Pepperkorn 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Love the light bar and ditch light set up on this taco! Have the same on my sequoia and love it.

    Randall de leon 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • You guys are awesome! Please pick me for today’s drawing! 🙏🏼🍻

    Adrian Flores 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Nice info.

    Matthew Vincent Alaniz 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Awesome

    Susie B 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • I have always wanted to get on this trail. Hopefully in 2021 i can get out there.

    Mark 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • I have always wanted to get on this trail. Hopefully in 2021 i can get out there.

    Mark 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Nice ride you’ve put together!

    Jeff 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • This looks like a great time! Hope to go on a few journeys like this myself!

    Devin Smith 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Liking the blog!

    Luis Rodriguez 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Keep up the good content yall

    Joshua Ronk 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Sweet setup man!

    Cameron David O'Briant 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • I’m new to the off-road/overland scene. This is my 2nd Taco and have always admired the durability, ruggedness, reliability and overall god looks of the Taco/Toyota line. Looking forward to an all new world of adventuring for myself and my family!!!
    Thank you for my speedy delivery of my Molle panels and accessories, will post pics once completely installed.

    Jerry Crowley 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Loving the lights!

    Zach Henderson 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Can’t wait for my 4runner roof rack to come in!! Just a couple more weeks until I can join the crew!

    Danielle 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Will a full-size truck (E-350) fit on Naches trail?

    Jud 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Dreaming of a roof rack with 360 degree lighting and light bar for Christmas!!

    Kyle Claggett 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Those sliders are sick!

    Brian 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM
  • Your stuff is beautiful! Wish I had the funds to deck my yota out lol 😂

    Nicholas 05/07/2021 at 03:22 PM