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Learn more about what to get your friends and family.

Shopping for an off-roader or overlander?

Nothing like the gift giving season to get you excited about loving on your family and friends. But do you ever get to that one person on your list who's a bit trickier to shop for? Not just any hard-to-shop-for guy or gal, THE OFF-ROADER / OVERLANDER in your life! They are constantly making mods and upgrades and getting into the latest gadgets and gizmos and it's a lot to keep up with. Fear not! We will break it down for you here, and who knows, you might even find something a little bit snazzy for yourself. Buckle up, and let's get this ride started!

First, you're going to want to get a little information, however subtle you're able to manage (If you're trying to keep it a secret and all.)

You will need the Make, Year, and Model of the vehicle

Nothing like getting to the auto parts store and not knowing what the heck kind of vehicle you're shopping for. No snickering from behind the counter for you today. There are many more categories than the ones listed here, but here's a list of products Cali Raised LED can carries and can vouch for.

Cali Raised LED offers products for:

2005-2015 Tacoma | 2016+ Tacoma | 2003-2009 4Runner | 2014+ 4Runner |
2007+ Tundra | 2019+ Ford Ranger | 2012-2021 Chevy Colorado | 2010 Lexus GX 460 | 2010+ Dodge Ram


It might seem like a pretty easy one, but there are quite a few options when it comes to lighting. From light bars or light pods to beam type, all the way to color and placement of the light can make a huge difference in the life of off-roaders.

Lighting is composed of a minimum of 3 parts, the light, a bracket to hold in the designated location, and wiring. (Some lights need switches and some don't.) You can get each of these items individually, or we sell the kits that take all the hassle out of shopping.

Additionally, all of the lights that we offer here at Cali Raised LED are universal - meaning that the lights can go on any bracket, but we highly recommend taking a look at the brackets we have to offer. Made in the USA and designed to be durable and sleek, what's not to love?

#2. Trail Armor

This is where it starts to get more like Mad Max - but shiny and chrome just won't do here. Rock sliders, skid plates, and bumpers start to make their way into your daily conversations and before you know it, you're wondering if that soccer mom in your life just might benefit from some rock sliders for her minivan. The crazy amount of protection and functionality starts to make sense.

But we digress.

Rock Sliders are usually one of the first two mods that are made. Meant to protect the underside of the most vulnerable parts of the vehicle, these are simply one of the best investments you can make. Body damage repair gets costly in a heartbeat, so ensuring the underside of the rig is protected when you're off pavement is a no-brainer.

Skid Plates are yet another investment mod, though the timing of when you should purchase is up for debate in some circles. If you're not exposing the vehicle to extreme conditions with lots of jagged rocks, it may not be an essential upgrade. But if you're a juggernaut in the great outdoors and are always pushing the limits, it might be one that should be pretty high on the list.

**IMPORTANT: Cali Raised LED currently offers Skids for Tacoma Models ONLY. 4Runner Skids are in the works!


#3. Racks & MOLLE

One of the most important aspects of outfitting one's off-roading vehicle is how it handles making the most of the available space. One of the challenges of using trucks and SUV's for long haul trips is that these vehicles aren't large RV's with extra space built in already. Being the creative thinkers and problem solvers they are, off-roaders and overlander's are always looking for ways to make the absolute most out of the space they have, all the while keeping in mind weight and style of the pieces they add to the mix - AND - how one product will fit in with the next.

Roof racks and bed racks are excellent and almost essential to bring into the mix, even if for nothing else the added space to store important gear. Our 100% bolt on the lightweight designs are not something to miss out on.

Shop Racks Here

MOLLE panels are also additions that can't be overlooked. That sidewall in the bed of the truck that was once only useless or wasted space, but now holds onto the shovels, hi-lift jack, straps, and pretty much anything one can imagine. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.


#4. Interior Accessories

Style is the name of the game when it comes to interior accessories. Whether it's the all new dash mount where they can mount their cell phone and other gadgets, climate rings, shift knobs, or even the console organizer, when it comes to interior accessories this is where personal style can really shine. Sometimes it's the small things that make a big impact. Whether they are looking to expand their MOLLE gear, need to pick up additional wiring, or if they want to embellish with decals, we got your back.

A few products you should put on your list:

- Shop Glove box organizer
- Shop Interior Light Kit Upgrade
- Shop All Interior Accessories

#5. Exterior Accessories

Technically, you could categorize a lot of the above listed products as "exterior accessories", but we gotta categorize these awesome products somehow, so yeah!

This is where we partner up with some of the biggest names on the block. Waterport, Alpharex, and even an up and coming company called TuffSkinz. If the off-roader/overlander in your life has mentioned needing a way to transport fresh water, or that they are tired of their yellowed out headlights, or even are looking for ways to add a little more personality to their rig, you can't go wrong with any of these products!

#6. Camping & Recovery Gear

You might have to admit that you're starting to get really excited about all these options and products, right? Well good thing we have some camping and recovery gear for you, so you can relax and recoup and get in the great outdoors.

Remember the racks and the MOLLE panels we talked about? Here's where we get into some of the gear you can mount on the MOLLE. Recovery is all about getting, well, unstuck. It's all fun and games until someone gets stuck... Then we help them get unstuck, which is also fun and games!

Tow Ropes are the #1 recommended Recovery Product, universal and extremely handy, it’s an easy win.

Tread Boards - now these are the fancy boards that provide traction to the tires when they get stuck. Simply slide them underneath the tires and wedge them in to gain traction.

Now to camping! Roof top tents are truly one of the more ideal camping solutions, especially for off-roaders who have a bed rack or roof rack that allows for these tents to be installed. Nothing quite like finding a campsite, popping the tent open and climbing in - it just might ruin ground camping for them!

**WHEW*** Now that was a lot of information, but hey, now you know a little bit more about what would melt the hearts of the off-roader/overlander loved one. You might have even started looking at local dealerships to get yourself a rig to start modifying.

whispers Do it!

Still need some assistance? Our team would be thrilled to help. Start a chat here or give our team a ring : (888) 385-5036


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