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#1. Overland Bed Rack

Have we mentioned how much we like options over here at Cali Raised LED? Our Overland Bed Rack is no exception. One of the first in-house designed pieces has stood the test of time. Not only for style but also for functionality and versatility. Available from 7", 10", and 17" tall, there are different heights for different folks. We even offer the ability to buy additional height legs and arms to change the height of your rack - in case you need to mix things up.

Ready to get in the game?

#2. Bumper Light Bar Kit

Ready to light it up? When off-roading and overlanding out on the trails, you don't have city lights to help guide your way. You won't regret upgrading your rig with enough light to ensure you make your way on the trails safely - also, great for avoiding wildlife.

The Hidden Grille design fits inside your lower bumper opening - keeping the original face in place. Giving the element of surprise when you light it up! These mount to the inside of the grille - it does not affect the performance of the light.

#3. Bed Support

Reinforce the bed of your truck with these Cali Raised LED bed channel supports for all 2007 to 2021 Toyota Tundra. Composite beds are tough, but if you frequently take your truck off-road or load-up the bed rack with heavy equipment, over time it may crack or fracture. Bed channel supports are great for preventing damage. Quality is the name of the game here at Cali Raised LED, which is why we design in house and laser-cut all our channel supports. And as always, professionally powder-coated in a durable black semi-gloss mini texture to defend against corrosion.

The minimalist design allows for maximum protection without sacrificing valuable bed space. You can still load up a standard pallet or standard plywood sheets!

#4. Rock Sliders

Cali Raised LED has become known in the market for our Rock Sliders. Why, you might ask? Here are just a few of the reasons.

#1. We offer more options than anyone else. You can get these rugged sliders in multiple finish combinations, each having their own benefit, so there's no limitation to your creativity. Choose from the STEP and TRAIL designs to find the perfect slider for your riding and driving style.

#2. They are 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A. 'Murica, baby! Crafted by American welders, these are made from American DOM tubing, we don't up-charge you for better material or for features like kick-outs. The slider wall thickness is .120" thick. They are 100% Bolt-On sliders come with all the required Grade 8 hardware you need for the install and are installed with zero modification to your truck.

#3. Performance. These rock sliders are built tough enough to support the entire weight of the vehicle. Yep. You read that right. Granted, if you had an elephant in the bed, it might not hold quite as well, but you get the point. Use common sense and good judgement and these tough rock sliders won't let you down. They have even been used as a recovery point, did you just do a double take? Watch how Tex Taco used his sliders to save his rig from falling off a mountain.

Watch Using Rock Sliders as Recovery Point

#5. Front Bed MOLLE System

Make the most of your bed space with this Cali Raised LED front bed MOLLE system for all 2007 to 2021 Toyota Tundras. Our bed MOLLE system is custom designed and laser-cut, providing a bent to perfection, seamless fit. Choose from the Short or Long Bed design to fit out the front of your truck bed. For protection, our MOLLE panels are powder-coated in a durable black semi-gloss mini texture to protect against corrosion, as well as anything else Mother Nature might throw at you. Strong and lightweight, the versatility can’t beat out in the wild.

Mount anything from MOLLE bags, trail gear, tools, high lift jacks, axes, shovels, and much more. Wherever you may go, be prepared, with a bed MOLLE system from Cali Raised LED.

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