To The Lower

48 States

S. B. 8/5/2021


Mammoth4Runner has proven that you can in fact, make Tacoma owners jealous with a Toyota 4Runner. With over 40k followers on Instagram, some dope tattoos and one of the sickest 4Runner rigs on the trail, Mammoth4Runner is someone to keep your eyes on for inspiration.  

The outfitting job on this particular ride highlights that the market for off-roading and overlanding is immense, and Cali Raised LED gets to be a small part of that. Sporting our 42" Light bar on his roof rack should speak not only to the reliability of our products, but also to the complementary nature of them. 

Since first getting to dip his toes into the off-roading world with his 1988 Toyota 4Runner, it's safe to say that this guy has a handle on how to make a rig stand out and stand up to the rigors of the trails. 
We had the opportunity to interview @Mammoth4Runner about his off-road journey, see more below!  

How'd You Get Into Overlanding?

I was living in Mammoth Lakes, California, needed a 4x4 for the snow, wound up getting a 1988 Toyota 4Runner for a couple grand.. and that’s where it all began.. once I got it off-road I fell in love and started moding it .. wound up restoring it and eventually led to my current 2014 Toyota 4Runner and the obsession continues! 

Current Cali Raised LED Products?

My 42” led light bar on my Ecotech roof rack. 

Bucket List Trips?

Moab Utah 🙌

Favorite Trip?

Holcomb creek.. as brutal as it is I always have a great time along with a big challenge 

What advice would you give to beginners?

Build your rig for what you want to do with it, do your research first basically know exactly what you're getting yourself into.  

Any helpful reminders for experienced off-roaders?

Keep crushing it 🤙🏻

What keeps you in the overlanding world?

The community is amazing, Toyota fans specifically are great people and passionate, I love building the rig, I’m always learning.. always growing. Love it 

We have asked numerous off-roaders what keeps them in the game and it never fails to hear that the community is what keeps them apart. Sure, the equipment is fun, the lights are like jazz, and the views couldn't be beat. But ultimately, it's the people that keep you coming back. 

So get out there and take care of your community of off-roaders and adventure on!