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Plug and Play Switch Illumination Harness

Having a hard time getting those aftermarket switches to light up like your factory switches? Are you fed up with splicing into your factory wiring to get those switches working? We have a solution!

These are plug-and-play harnesses that are designed to illuminate your aftermarket switches without the need to use Vampire Clips, T-taps, or any other device that might cut one of your tiny factory wires.

How It Works:

  • Each harness is intended to be plugged into the back of a factory connector and “borrow” the factory illumination circuit that runs through that connector.
  • Included in each kit is an extra green connector that completely replaces the one you get with your CH4x4/Cali-Raised/AOB/MIC-Tuning Toyota-style switches so there is no more guesswork when it comes to illuminating your switches.
  • When you use these harnesses your new switch(es) will light up with the rest of the switches in your truck and be dimmable using the dimmer on your dash.
  • The left of the steering wheel harness allows you to illuminate 1 aftermarket switch without splicing.

NOTE: Works for 3rd Gen Tacoma Only.

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Daisy Chain Harness Switch Illumination Harness Both (1 Daisy Chain Harness & 1 Illumination Harness) Both (2 Daisy Chain Harness & 1 Illumination Harness)
What Switch Do I need?
For Multiple Switches
Installation Info
  • If you are building a switch panel or need to illuminate more than one switch, you can order our daisy chain harness to expand the illumination to 1 additional switch.
  • You can add or subtract multiple daisy chains at any point in your truck build.


  • As of July 2021, we have safely illuminated 7 switches using a base harness + 6 daisy chains and that is the current recommended limit for this system.
  • Simply plug the harness into the cargo light connector (present on all 3rd Gen Tacomas including Access Cabs; the connector is behind the plastic cubby!)
  • Attach the green connector to your new switch
  • Finish the installation by wiring the remaining 2 wires following the switch manufacturer’s wiring diagram (out to the accessory relay to a 12V source).