Molex 19164-0044 Perma-Seal Butt Connector, 16-14 AWG, Heat Shrink Insulated

Connectors are $0.45 each. Due to the low price these have a flat rate shipping cost of $3.99 whether you buy 1 or 1000pcs. This shipping cost has been included in the price.

Looking to do an installation where you do not want to solder and still get the highest quality connection. These connectors are what we use for all installations. They will be the safest, and best connection you can get without soldering. 


  • Molex 19164-0044 Butt Connectors
  • Category: Butt Connectors
  • Manufacturer: Molex
  • Series: Perma-Seal
  • Color: Blue
  • Insulation: Heat Shrink
  • Wire Gauge: 16-14 AWG
  • Material: Tin plated copper
  • Linear shrink: +1/-10%
  • Minimum shrink temperature: 194°F (90°C)
  • Operating temperature: -67°F(-55°C) to 257°F (125°C)
  • Durable even immersed in anti-freeze, brake fluid and other chemicals
  • Reduces labor costs and time - 40% faster shrinking than polyolefin or nylon products
  • Wall thickness is significantly thicker than competing polyolefin or nylon products, providing excellent durability



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