703 | Matte Black

The 703 Bead Grip¨ wheel was developed for off-road enthusiasts and designed to handle the toughest trails and your next overland adventure. An iconic 12 window design and dual debossed METHOD logos help set your ride apart from the rest.

The Bead Grip technology allows deflation of tires down to pressures that previously would have required beadlock wheels to make sure tires didn't debead. It's advantageous to reduce tire inflation pressure while off-roading to increase a tire's contact patch surface area for better traction on loose surfaces as well as improve ride comfort by effectively reducing the spring rate of the tire.

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16x8 | 6x5.5 | 0/4.50" | MR70368060500 17x8.5 | 6x5.5 | 0/4.75" | MR70378560500