Premium Camera Kit

2014-2019 Anytime Front and Backup Camera Kit

Our Anytime Backup and Front Camera kits allow you to view your rear camera at any time AND add a front-facing camera. The harnesses will plug directly into the back of your factory in-dash screen with no cutting or modification to the factory wires required! Once the harnesses are plugged in, simply connect the wires from the harness to our factory-style switch!

The switch is the 'small' OEM Style switch and it features a fully controllable and dimmable back light.

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Standard Camera
Premium Camera
Installation Instructions

Included Components:
1x - Anytime Backup Camera Override Harness (Orange and Red Wires)

1x - Anytime Backup Camera RCA video harness (Two Yellow RCA MF)

1x - RCA Video switching relay (Three Yellow RCA MFF and Green/Black wires)

1x - OEM Style Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) Front/Rear Switch with Harness*

1x - Front/Rear facing Camera

This kit is designed for 2014-2019 Toyota vehicles. If you have a newer model with a 360 degree camera system then this will not work for you.

Works with 4runners, Tacomas, Tundra, and more!

2014-2019 4Runner, Tacoma, Tundra

2017-2019 Highlander

2014-2017 Camry (2018+ models should purchase our 2020 style kit)

Please see the link below for information on our cameras!


We currently offer two different camera models, Standard and Premium. Below are photos of each and they're functions. While both cameras produce similar video quality, the Premium camera is made of higher quality components and gives you the ability to mount the camera both vertically or horizontally (shown below).

The standard camera has been specifically modified for ease of installation. The camera has the power wires (Red/Black) located inside the vehicle cab as well. The camera MUST BE mounted with the threaded nipple vertically in order for the image to be oriented correctly (shown below). Mounting this camera any other way will result in a backwards or upside down image.

The Standard Camera CANNOT be mounted like the photo below (Horizontally):

The camera will have two wire loops on the camera wire, Green and White. Cutting the wires will do the following:

Green - Mirror Image (For Front Facing applications)

White - Remove Guidelines

DO NOT CUT the wire loops until you have the camera connected, powered up, and displaying on the screen.

The Premium Camera is offered due to popular demand for a higher quality camera. This camera is made by Natika (A very popular camera sold on Amazon). The camera cam be mounted either Vertically or Horizontally which will give you more flexibility when finding a place to mount your camera. The camera also comes with three wedges which will allow you to change the viewing angle of the camera, again giving you more control of your installation.

Vertical Mount

Horizontal Mount

The camera will have three wire loops on the camera wire, Green, White, and Purple. Cutting the wires will do the following:

Green - Remove Guidelines

White - Mirror Image (For Front Facing applications)

Purple - Flip Image (For Horizontal mounting)

DO NOT CUT the wire loops until you have the camera connected, powered up, and displaying on the screen.

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