Automatic Tire Deflators W/ Free Pressure Gauge

In order to have optimal conditions for a fun day on the trail, your tires need to have a solid grip. This brass tire deflation set is an effective and quick method to get your tires to your preferred air pressure level.
  • This set comes with four brass deflation devices so you can do all your tires simultaneously. Each deflator cap can reach PSI 10 in under five minutes. You also don't need to worry about kneeling or bending over for long periods because the preset function automatically does the work for you.
  • You can preset each valve to your desired PSI and these caps will effectively and efficiently release the proper amount of air, so you know you are always getting optimal pressure. Don't worry anymore about letting too much air out. Not only do these tire deflators provide perfect air balance for sand, dirt, rocks, and boulders; you receive a digital tire pressure gauge so you can double-check the PSI.
  • These deflator caps and mechanical air gauges are lightweight and compact, so you can take it wherever the road may lead you. The portable automobile deflators come with a leather pouch that can fit seamlessly into any pocket without creating bulk. The digital tire gauge can attach to your keyring, so you always have it with you. Don't want to carry them separately? The entire kit comes in a plastic carrying case that can easily fit in your glove compartment or middle console.

Note: This is not a Cali Raised LED manufactured product, this is from a 3rd Party distributor. This product will be shipped directly from them.


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